Ordering a sample


We are happy for you to order up to 3 samples

Samples are sold at the same price as the invitations.This is because they are made to the
same high standard as your order. They may take two to four weeks to produce, depending on
how busy the studio is, but we will do our very best to get them to you ASAP!

To do a truly personalised sample please could you provide the following information: 


  • The names of you and your fiancée.
  • The date and time of your wedding
  • The venue of your wedding and the time of the service
  • The reception location· 
  • Any rsvp details (unless you are having seperate rsvp cards)
  • Any other relevant information!


Please make out a cheque to Wildsugar Wedding Stationery for the amount of the samples
plus £2.50 post/pack.
(This might be slightly more if we are posting invitation boxes to you)
When we receive your final order for invitations , the cost of the related sample will be taken off.

Contact Penny at  mail@wildsugar.co.uk for further information.